This Tropical country is occupying two thirds of the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic covers 48,442 square kilometers.

To the west, the country shares its only border with Haiti.

Population              – 2.2 million (approx.)

Country                   – Dominican Republic

Languages               – Spanish

Geography Located on the Dominican Republic’s southern central coastline.

Climate Santo Domingo enjoys a tropical climate and maintains a state of “eternal summer”. While temperatures are steady, rainfall is not, as the rainiest months are May through October. However, expect hard but short storms that generally clear up quickly after an hour or so.

Average Temperatures Average high (winter): 82ºF / 27ºC

Average high (summer): 86ºF / 30ºC

Local fare Combination of Spanish and African influences. Meals generally incorporate all food groups- meat or seafood; rice, plantains or potatoes; salad or vegetable to accompany. National favorites include: quipes or tipili (bulgur salad), chicharrón, yuca, casabe, empanadas, batata, chimichurris, plantains, tostones, dulce de leche, rum, Mama Juana.

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